Benefits that Instagram stories can provide to grow your business 

In this post we will share with you what are the many benefits that the Instagram Stories (Instagram Stories) can provide to your business. For this we will review some statistics and we will provide you with useful information. We will also see how to share in Instagram Stories a post from another account, step-by-step.

And finally, we will provide you with a series of fundamental tips to get the most out of your real Instagram followers Stories from the Marketing point of view. Without much more to add, here we go!

Instagram Stories: why are they essential for the growth of your business?

We explain how to share on Instagram Stories a post from another account, step by step

Let’s put ourselves in context: in case you did not know, currently Instagram one of the most profitable social networks for your business. There are several reasons why this is so. First, the platform has a good number of marketing tools that help companies multiply their sales.

At the same time, this Social Network shows a permanent growth. Currently there are more than 800 million active users per month, of which more than 75% (that is, the majority) are outside the United States. For this reason, it is highly likely that your target audience is present on Instagram.

Third, the characteristics of this platform are very profitable from the commercial point of view, since it is a visual-based medium, ideal to display your products and bring them closer to your target through the use of hashtags, geographic labels and mentions to other accounts, among others.

Marketing Benefits of Instagram Stories

Now, what are the marketing benefits of Instagram Stories? For starters, this tool allows you to share “ephemeral” content (unless you highlight them, the Stories stay online only for 24 hours.), so it is ideal to publish daily information of your business.

Thus, it is the best means to publicize special offers of the day, present the winners of a contest, or make more informal and fun publications that are not “immortalized” in the profile of your company.

But there is more! The secret of the profitability of Instagram Stories lies in the marketing tools they provide to businesses. Let’s look at the most important ones:

  1. You can publish all kinds of content: photos, videos, animated GIFS (either “Boomerangs” or insertable files from the same application).
  2. How to share on Instagram a post directly in your Story
  3. Instagram allows you to insert animated GIFS in your Stories.

You have the possibility to insert a hashtag by history, which are the labels used to index your content in the categories that your audience seeks (#ropadeportiva, # decor, #furniture, etc.), and thus maximize your visibility.

You can make live videos and invite other users to participate in your transmissions, which is very useful to offer information and small online conferences, make specific announcements, and show how to use a product, or simply talk with your audience.

You can insert a link to your site, to increase your web traffic, stimulate your sales, etc.

You have the possibility to conduct surveys, perfect tool to know the preferences of your audience in relation to a specific product or topic (which product they prefer, how much they like a certain proposal, etc.).

How to share a post on Instagram directly in your personal or business history

In addition to the surveys by A or B, now Instagram allows you to consult the opinion of your followers on a topic gradually. To comment, only the emoji seen in the image from left to right should run, as if it were a “thermometer”, to show your degree of approval.

You can mention other users or business accounts in your stories, either to give credits, call attention or tag a person or brand present in your publication. And finally…

You can now share a post from another account on Instagram Stories!

This is the star feature of this post, and is great news from the point of view of Marketing, since it allows you to promote content from other accounts related to your company.