Complete information about the bone joints of the body

The supporting structure of the body:

The bones make up the supporting structure of the body. They are there to make our body stand. But if our body only had bones and no joints, then we couldn’t make a single movement. That’s why joints are important for the body. They enable the body to move. They give freedom of movement to the structure of the body.

bone joints

The composition of joints:

Joints are one of those parts of the body which are made up of more than one types of cellular structures. They need a lot of different nutrients to keep the structure healthy. So, it is important to eat healthy foods. And the people who are suffering from specific joint diseases should consult the doctor. The doctor would suggest some foods which are good to consume for the joints. As well as, there are some food items which are not good for joints.

How do the joints move against each other?

The common question asked by the people about joints is about their movement against each other. The people have a question in their mind that how two bones move against each other without causing a lot of wear and tear. The answer is that there is a soft cellular structure which is quite oily. This oily structure creates a frictionless surface between two bones in a joint. Special nutrients are also needed by the joints to constantly recreate that oily lubricator.

What keeps the joint in place?

Another question asked by the people regarding joints is that how they are always in place. Obviously, it seems quite confusing that why the joints don’t lose their place? Well, there are different structures for different joints. Some joints are there in position because their structural position is like a ball and holder. The ball of the joint keeps itself in the holder because of the tightness of the skin around it. While in some joints, there are tendons and ligament. These are small strands of muscles which keeps the two joints together.

Are there any types of joints?

Yes, there are different types of joints. There is a misconception that the joints are always moveable. However, there are many joints in our body which are not moveable at all. Such joints are there for other purposes. There are some joints which are little bit moveable. So, basically there are three types of joints:

  • Moveable
  • Immoveable
  • Slightly moveable

Examples of these joints:

Let’s discuss some examples of those types.

Movable joint:

The best example of moveable joints is your fingers which you are using to scroll this blog. Your knees are also one of the examples of moveable joints. They bear the whole weight of the body.

Immovable joints:

The Immovable joints is a strong connection between skulls and bones. They are helpful in providing the suspension result and keep the bones in one place. If you want any recommendation for joint’s health care, just visit on


Slightly movable joint:

Slightly movable joints are those which doesn’t make a full degree of movement. The joints in our spinal cord are of this type.