Why Is The Moroccan Wanderlust Ibn Battuta Famous?

Ibn Battuta is a traveler of historical importance who started exploring the world from an early age. He was a Muslim scholar who studied law. His hunger to learn more took him to a journey that ended after thirty years. He visited numerous countries during his eventful life. He started traveling at an early age, and his first journey was towards Mecca.

Ibn Battuta was grown up in a religious family, so he wanted to perform Hajj. Hajj is a religious obligation that Muslims from all over the world perform every year. Even though there were no modern means of communication and transportation, Ibn Battuta explored the world and described in his writings how huge the Muslim world was at that time.


The great Muslim explorer Ibn Battuta was born in Tangier in 1304. Tangier is a port near the Strait of Gibraltar and a part of modern Morocco. Ibn Battuta belonged to the family of scholars, so he was raised with a focus on education. But the problem was that there were no Madrassa and big universities for higher learning. He wanted to learn more and find the best teachers and libraries for this purpose. So, Ibn Battuta decided to start exploring the world, but before that he wanted to perform Hajj.


Ibn Battuta started his journey riding solo on a donkey, but then he joined a pilgrim caravan. Route the caravan had chosen was bandit-infested that Ibn Battuta got a fever. During his travel, he married a girl. When Ibn Battuta was in Egypt, he studied Islamic law. Also, he visited Alexandria and Cairo. When he reached Mecca, he performed Hajj and then decided to keep exploring the world. His decision gave the history a great explorer and traveler. Ibn Battuta traveled more than Marco Polo. The traveling journey of Ibn Battuta is almost thirty years long.


The Islamic civilization had extended through much of the known world when Ibn Battuta started his journey. The Islamic world was stretched from West Africa to the Middle East. The area where Muslim rulers were governing was called “Dar-ul-Islam” (the abode of Islam). Ibn Battuta once said that he saw a dream in which a bird took him on its winds and made a long flight towards the east. He said that the bird left him there. When he asked a holy man for the interpretation of his dream, he was told that he would roam across the world.


People usually give the title of “history’s most famous traveler” to Ibn Battuta. But it is a fact that Ibn Battuta was way better than him. He was educated and traveled more than Marco Polo. Ibn Battuta decided to explore most of the Muslim world. He was liked by the people wherever he went. The rulers of the Muslim states gifted him several things. He served as a Qadi and a scholar in many Muslim countries. Ibn Battuta asked Ibn Juzayy a young scholar to write down his traveling experiences. His book Rihla provides us the information about all the nations and countries where he went. He described much about the adventures and dangerous he came across and how he survived. Also, he stated about the culture of the regions he visited.


After completing his travel, Ibn Battuta came back to his hometown. He also served as a judge in his hometown after coming back. We do not have much information about Ibn Battuta and his life after the completing of his book Rihla. This great explorer died in 1368 in Morocco.

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Lake Nasser – Egypt’s Lesser Known Cruise Destination

For years, River Nile cruises have attracted visitors wanted to see some of ancient Egypt’s finest treasures but in more recent times, an alternative cruise destination in Egypt is on offer. The lake was created between 1958 and 1970 when the Aswan High Dam was built across the River Nile as a hydro-electric project. The lake is more than 300km long and is 35km wide at it’s widest point. The rising waters also meant that a number of ancient temples had to be relocated as well as some villagers whose former homes were swallowed up.

Lake Nasser has turned into a real attraction for anglers with some excellent fishing for those in search of Perch, Catfish and Tiger Fish. These fish were all originally found in the River Nile before the Aswan High Dam was built and once the lake was formed, these species thrived on their new environment. The Perch fishing in here is considered to be the best in the world.

As an inland cruise destination, Lake Nasser is coming into it’s own. The format is similar to Nile cruises with cruises starting at Aswan and sailing the length of Lake Nasser south to Abu Simbel. There are various stops on the way for passenger to explore some of the lesser known ancient Egyptian sites but are nonetheless impressive.

Lake Nasser cruises last either 4 or 7 nights. Both cruises start at Aswan and head south for Abu Simbel at the far end of the lake. As the cruise heads south, it stops off at various points of interest including the temples at Kalabsha, Wadi El Seboua, Amada and of course, Abu Simbel. After 4 days, your cruise ship arrives at Abu Simbel at the far end of Lake Nasser and from there passengers can disembark and take the 3 hour road journey back to Aswan. Alternatively, the longer cruise returns passengers to Aswan by sailing back north back up Lake Nasser, this time without stopping on the way.

Its not just the ancient Egyptian sites that are impressive, the scenery around Lake Nasser is spectacular. The desert landscapes transform from rugged hills to flat, sandy beaches. A few local Bedouin and fisherman live near the lake and can occasionally be seen. There is also a variety of bird life living near the lake including ducks, geese, pelicans, heron as well as various birds of prey. Reptiles such as monitor lizards and crocodiles can also be seen as well as desert animals such as gazelle, jackals and foxes.

Although the popularity of cruising the River Nile is as strong as ever, Lake Nasser offers tourists an alternative cruise exploring ancient Egypt’s past in a spectacular setting.

The best deals on Dubai desert safari for thrilling experience

Dubai desert safari has the most amazing beauty and everything you do its exciting and fun filled.

Sand boarding

It’s one of the best deals as you enjoy various board sports.

Some of them are camel riding and quad biking this gives you an awesome experience in the desert life.

Cultural heritage in desert safari

When you are in the Dubai desert you get to have the view of the beautiful natural desert and you also able to learn the culture of the people who live in the desert.

Morning safari

If you are among the people who wants to have a view of the bright lights of the day including many activities the horse riding and dune bashing.

Evening safari

Let’s say you have had a long day and you want to relax on the beautiful Dubai deserts then you need to book the evening package to experience awesome moments while taking some of the most iconic photos as you watch the beautiful scenery of desert fading.

You also experience other fun filled activities like you are given shisha or have henna designs.

Free Camel ride

Well now one who visits Dubai desert and lacks the free ride from this ship of the desert. This experience is guaranteed on all the other packages are it evening or even overnight desert safari you will experience this free ride.

Belly dance show

The cultural community you come from may be different from yours but you will come to love the cultural activities of this community in the desert you will experience the belly dance which is very amazing and with allot of fun.

BBQ dinner

If you are among the people who are on the evening safari then wait and you will be served with a dinner which whether you are a vegetarian or non vegetarian you will get to enjoy.

Adventure in a hummer

Desert safari in Dubai has a lot of packages and this one is among the most adventurous one as you tour around the desert you will view many beautiful scenes and also experience this awesome time watching the beautiful scene.

Fire show and free henna

When you are in the overnight desert safari you will get to enjoy the fire shows at the night and also if you are willing you will be able to have henna tattoos.

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