Benefits that Instagram stories can provide to grow your business 

In this post we will share with you what are the many benefits that the Instagram Stories (Instagram Stories) can provide to your business. For this we will review some statistics and we will provide you with useful information. We will also see how to share in Instagram Stories a post from another account, step-by-step.

And finally, we will provide you with a series of fundamental tips to get the most out of your real Instagram followers Stories from the Marketing point of view. Without much more to add, here we go!

Instagram Stories: why are they essential for the growth of your business?

We explain how to share on Instagram Stories a post from another account, step by step

Let’s put ourselves in context: in case you did not know, currently Instagram one of the most profitable social networks for your business. There are several reasons why this is so. First, the platform has a good number of marketing tools that help companies multiply their sales.

At the same time, this Social Network shows a permanent growth. Currently there are more than 800 million active users per month, of which more than 75% (that is, the majority) are outside the United States. For this reason, it is highly likely that your target audience is present on Instagram.

Third, the characteristics of this platform are very profitable from the commercial point of view, since it is a visual-based medium, ideal to display your products and bring them closer to your target through the use of hashtags, geographic labels and mentions to other accounts, among others.

Marketing Benefits of Instagram Stories

Now, what are the marketing benefits of Instagram Stories? For starters, this tool allows you to share “ephemeral” content (unless you highlight them, the Stories stay online only for 24 hours.), so it is ideal to publish daily information of your business.

Thus, it is the best means to publicize special offers of the day, present the winners of a contest, or make more informal and fun publications that are not “immortalized” in the profile of your company.

But there is more! The secret of the profitability of Instagram Stories lies in the marketing tools they provide to businesses. Let’s look at the most important ones:

  1. You can publish all kinds of content: photos, videos, animated GIFS (either “Boomerangs” or insertable files from the same application).
  2. How to share on Instagram a post directly in your Story
  3. Instagram allows you to insert animated GIFS in your Stories.

You have the possibility to insert a hashtag by history, which are the labels used to index your content in the categories that your audience seeks (#ropadeportiva, # decor, #furniture, etc.), and thus maximize your visibility.

You can make live videos and invite other users to participate in your transmissions, which is very useful to offer information and small online conferences, make specific announcements, and show how to use a product, or simply talk with your audience.

You can insert a link to your site, to increase your web traffic, stimulate your sales, etc.

You have the possibility to conduct surveys, perfect tool to know the preferences of your audience in relation to a specific product or topic (which product they prefer, how much they like a certain proposal, etc.).

How to share a post on Instagram directly in your personal or business history

In addition to the surveys by A or B, now Instagram allows you to consult the opinion of your followers on a topic gradually. To comment, only the emoji seen in the image from left to right should run, as if it were a “thermometer”, to show your degree of approval.

You can mention other users or business accounts in your stories, either to give credits, call attention or tag a person or brand present in your publication. And finally…

You can now share a post from another account on Instagram Stories!

This is the star feature of this post, and is great news from the point of view of Marketing, since it allows you to promote content from other accounts related to your company.


LED downlights – future of lighting across the globe

The LED is considered as the future of lighting across the globe. It is an efficient way to save money and energy. LED downlights is the alternative for the bulb lighting. You can put to use for outdoor and indoor purpose. The main attraction of these lights is that the LED light shines from the whole present in the ceiling. The LED lights of have become popular because they save more energy as compared to other lighting equipment. Traditional lighting arrangements use 90 percent more energy as compared to LED lights. Besides this the bulb lights emit more heat – but with LED lights you have less of heat and the range of light is more as compared to the incandescent and fluorescent lights.

The term Led downlights essentially means a light fitting which is installed into the hole of the ceiling. Now do you know you call it a down light – because the light of the LED shines form the ceiling? These lights are also known as can lights, pot lights and recessed lights. These lights have multiple usages it can easily shine broadly and cover a huge space and if required it can also shine like a spot light in a very narrow space. In the initial time when LED was launched they were available only in red light but with the increase in demand of LED they are available in a variety of colors. The most popular is the while color LED downlight.

The LED downlights you can easily install in the existing ceiling holes. They are easily compatible and hence do not require any special changes. In the beginning the cost of LED downlights may fall heavy on your pocket but in the long run it will save huge amount of money and electricity. Whenever you have to buy the LED lights you should be very clear about the usage of these downlights. This will help you to buy the right type of LED lights.

The downlights are the LED lights which are hung from the ceiling. They are not just a source to illuminate your room; but besides this they help to create a mood of your living room. The LED downlights are very useful for the enhancing the décor of the household or commercial premises. These lights are very user friendly and durable. They are also affordable in price and easy to maintain. The brightness of these lights is very good with less power consumption. For the occasional events like birthday parties, wedding receptions and baby showers where in the person can use the string lights which give an additional beautification to the event.

The first and foremost thing to remember while choosing the LED lights is the height of the ceiling of your home or office premises. The LED requires more depth in the ceiling but in case required they you can easily modify in order to fix them. The electricians can easily modify the can in order to fix the LED. The LED downlights are available in different diameters. Most of them range between 2 to 6 inches. There are various types of bulbs available in the downlights. The downlights can be custom made as per the requirement of the user. You can easily replace the existing bulbs if the bases are compatible.


Appointment Scheduling API – A Quick Way to Reach Your Clients

The Internet had changed many lives that more number of people is doing their works through online portals. The Business promotion has also moved from papers to online as more number of people is on Internet. The Appointment Scheduling API is the amazing option to the businesses to increase their growth and also reach their clients easily. The Internet presence of business will also lead to have global market reach to any company. This helps you to increase your client number and also your income.

Many companies, organizations and individuals are incorporating to the Appointment Booking API software to their systems. Here are some of the benefits you get with this software.

1.     Online Receptionist:

The Online Booking API works as online receptionist to the companies. They will take all the client information in detail and provide you in secured database. You can manage this data with the different fields and they are lot of uses with the client data. The Names, Mobile numbers, Email address, date and time of appointment will be stored in this database and you can use them later for reference. This virtual assistant has lot of special benefits to the companies.

2.     Easy to Use:

The Appointment Scheduling API is easy to use to the clients. They are just a like you order a product in the online stores. The users will login to the software and fill the details like Name, Mobile number, Email Address, Time and Date of Appointment and reason for appointment. Once their appointment is booked the company executives will call the user to confirm the booking. This is very simple process and anyone can book their appointment with particular company.

3.     Global Market:

The Online presence of any business will make the company to have global market. When your business is presented on the Internet then it will be reached to several people easily. There is lot of benefits with this global market as the company can increase the client number easily. They can book appointment anytime that Booking API works 24/7 to the clients. Many people use this benefit to book appointments with the company to get hires them easily.

4.     Reminders:

The Appointment Scheduling API has best option that helps to remind you about different appointments. They also send the text messages about the appointments that help people to reach the destination within right time. You can also get email prior of the appointment which works as timely notifications. You can reschedule other appointments with these timely reminders. They work as alarms for your appointments and remind you before the bookings.

The Appointment Scheduling API is provided with different companies that you can hire them to reach the global customers easily. The above mentioned are the top benefits you can get with this Scheduling API software. The OnSched is top company that provides Online Appointment Software to multiple businesses. You can approach them to get best quality Appointment Scheduling API for your business.

Formation of radon from uranium

Radon kills us silently, means it’s a kind of gas which has no color, taste and unable to see. All of this, we only feel it. Due to high radon level, you and your family are fully involved with many diseases. In fact, many states are polluted with radon gas. You must be curious, whether radon in my home? Radon had almost polluted every part of united states. Water, land, and air every essential of life are polluted with radon gas and the government are trying hard to purify it, but they are not succeeded yet. The destruction is not in one’s mind, but it is real and almost uncontrollable.Radon Mitigation Cost

Basically, the main cause of radon gas is uranium, when it decays down the radon gas produced automatically. Since radon gas comes from the ground, we usually place our testing equipment in the basement of the home. For removing the radon level, Contact the Lifetime Radon Solutions because your family deserves better. Make sure that you are fully aware of radon mitigation cost.

Before discussing the effects of radon exposure, let us see how radon becomes a part of our atmosphere? We know there are numerous radioactive elements present in the soil and rocks, continuously emitting radiations of a certain energy, similarly, uranium is an example of such radioactive elements and comes with the decomposition which releases radium. The Radon Mitigation Cost is reasonable, and service comes in range.

How to overcome the radon level?

If you are finding the ways to overcome the radon level, then you need to buy test kits. After buying find the most suitable position to place your radon kit. It is recommended to place it in the lowest most position at home, it could be the basement and even you can put the kits on the first floor. On the other hand, if you don’t know about the installation of test kit then you need to hire a professional contractual service. Professional experts would help you to get a more insight detail about the radon system and its installation. Different radon companies have a different level of Radon Mitigation Cost.

If you find radon, What’s next?

Today, radon is really a big issue, which needs to overcome. The interesting part is many of us are living in the radon environment, without knowing its danger. What’s next if you plan to hire some contractual service?After the testing is done, the steps herein below should be taken

  • Selecting a trusted and qualified contractor for reduction of radon in your house
  • Determination of a suitable reduction system for your home
  • Maintaining that reduction system in home

To save yourself from disastrous results it’s better to go for an inexpensive radon test to collect information about how many levels of radon gas you are surrounded with. In so many occupations, workers especially the underground uranium miners, which are exposed to the high radon levels and its decay products typically less than 1000Bq/m3 EEC Rn.



Can I Shoot A Drone?

The droning is fun. When the friends gather and start droning it is really fun. But have you ever thought that your droning might become annoying for someone? The drones fly in the air and capture the videos and images. Your neighbor might not be happy as it is interfering with his privacy. If you start droning from the backyard of your house then possibly the drone can capture the videos of your neighbor’s house as well. So he may think of destroying your drone, and you better know that the drones are not inexpensive. Before your neighbor could think Can I Shoot A Drone, stop getting into his property.


Droning And The Privacy:

Think of the situation when you are hanging around in your garden, and suddenly a drone comes. It is your neighbors’ drone that has entered your property and zoomed over you to capture you. It is not looking so friendly, and you are so annoyed that why it has entered in your garden. Well, it is true that on seeing a drone only the word “spy” comes in our mind, so no one likes others drones to be entered in his house. Now you are thinking that Can I Shoot A Drone.

It has become the topic of discussion and controversy because it affects the privacy.

Shooting The Drone:

Though it is not right to enter someone’s privacy just to have fun while droning, you should not shot the drones. In some countries, it is illegal to shot a drone, and you can be held liable to pay the damages caused by shooting the drone even if it entered your area without your permission. So we do not recommend you to shot the drone. Well, there are several other ways to hunt a drone or stop it from entering our property.

Stopping The Drone:

Imagine you are sitting in your backyard and enjoying the sunlight. Your children are playing around, and suddenly a drone appears. It is quite threatening for you and your children. You want to stop it, but you know that shooting the drone is a crime and you can go to the jail for this. But you cannot let the others entering your privacy so what should be the solution. Well, you can stop the drones by using nets. Capture the drone with the net when it is in the range. If the drone is flying low, then you can stop it by throwing high-pressure water as well.

Last Verdict:

Though you have fun while droning, you should take care of others privacy as well. You would not feel happy if someone else’s drone enters your backyard. So it is your ethical duty to not to enter in the privacy of your neighbor. There are the laws regarding droning so abide by these laws to avoid and legal trouble. The drones are the amazing devices that can be used for several positive purposes. You can use these drones to help others as well.